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    We the parishioners of St. Leo's Catholic Community are a family of believers who through the guidance of the Holy Spirit support one another on our journey to holiness.

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    Our mission is to be warm and welcoming community acknowledging our unique gifts from God and being ready to share them so that we continue to grow in ministry. We strive to embrace those who have left our family of faith, care for our brothers and sisters in need, promote respect, peace, and justice for all people and strengthen unity within our parish community.

News & Updates

Reopening Procedures: Phase 1 - Beginning May 17th


Announcement - 5/11/2020


Dear Brothers and sisters following the new Guidelines from the Archdiocese and adapting them to Our Church of St Leo's we have decided to:

Church will be opened only for PRIVATE PRAYER and Confessions.

Church Entry: Main Door on Market Street

Church opens Monday – Saturday 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Sunday 12:00 – 3:00 pm

Confessions available Saturdays 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Any other day by appointment either with Fr. Nereo or Fr. Diego

Office Rectory Hours Monday to Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

All those who enter the Church building for prayer or confession must (NO EXCEPTIONS)

  • Wear face mask
  • Practice social distancing
  • Listen to staff and ushers instructions
  • Sit only in designated locations
  • Do not leave any materials in the pews
  • Minimize touching any areas of the Church other than where you sit/kneel to pray
  • The Church space will be cleaned/disinfected on a regular basis
  • NO restrooms will be available in Church

Stay Home if…

  • You have preexisting conditions or are immunocompromised
  • You are feeling sick
  • You suspect you may be sick or have been exposed to COVID-19
  • You have a sick family member at home
  • You are in the risk population.

The following information is the guideline and consideration for reopening the churches given by the Archdiocese of Newark in English and translated in Spanish. (Follow us on Facebook for live-stream events and more information)

ARCHDIOCESE OF NEWARK What to Expect When Public Mass Resumes

 May 11, 2020

As painful as the decision was to suspend all public Masses in the Archdiocese of Newark, during the Covid 19 pandemic, the process was straight-forward and necessary for the common good.

As we see numbers flatten and decrease, we are beginning to sense the situation improving. In the interest of the common good, we do not want to contribute to a second wave that could disrupt our liturgical life.

As health restrictions are eased and we are able to start gathering together again, it is important for everyone to accept that things will not immediately go back to life before the Corona virus.

Health experts and civic leaders are currently determining new guidelines and restrictions for the next weeks and months, and at the same time the Archdiocese of Newark is planning for how public worship will be celebrated with respect to any new regulations.

We know the desire to return to your parishes, participate in the liturgy, and receive the Eucharist is incredibly strong, but we ask that everyone approach this reopening with a patient, loving and charitable mindset.

The specific details of when public Mass will resume and how it will be celebrated are still being determined, but the return will occur through a three-phase gradual process. Each phase will be rolled out with specific dates and directives to follow determined by Archdiocesan leaders.

PHASE 1. Churches will first be opened for personal prayer only. Individuals and families can come to church for quiet prayer, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation may be celebrated if social distancing can be maintained and masks are worn.
PHASE 2. Following on Phase 1, churches will be permitted to celebrate public weekday Masses and funerals with very specific restrictions, such as the strict practice of social distancing, use of masks and limited number of people present.
PHASE 3. Following Phase 1 and 2, churches will be permitted to celebrate Sunday Mass publicly with the obligatory practice of social distancing, use of masks and limited number of people present. All other sacraments will resume according to the directives during Phase 3.

Five Things to Be Mindful of During the Return Process

  1. A general dispensation from the Sunday obligation will remain until further notice. The dispensation for the obligation to attend Mass will remain in effect. No one will be required to attend Mass when public celebrations resume. Hence, live stream Masses for parishioners at home will continue.
  2. Attendance will be limited. We know restrictions will remain on holding large gatherings, so we are working with parishes to determine the best way to ensure safety. Communications will come from the parish so parishioners will know how many people can attend any given Mass. It is likely that all parishioners may not be able to attend Mass regularly at first. 
  3. Social Distancing will be practiced. Expect that your parish will have pews/rows that are taped off, and that households, even of one individual, will be asked to keep six feet of separation from each other. No one will be admitted without a mask. Parishioners should take their temperature before coming to Mass. Anyone with any symptoms of sickness must stay home. 
  4. Liturgical changes will be in place. Similar to protocols established when churches were closing, extra precautions will be taken. Temporary adjustments will be made to how we celebrate Mass and receive Communion.
  5. There still will be a risk for anyone who attends a public Mass. Even with best health practices and strict social distancing, anyone who enters a public space should recognize there is a risk of contracting the coronavirus. Improved cleaning will occur at our churches, but no one should expect that they will be any safer from germs than in other public spaces.

Finally, we should recognize that this is a unique time and we need to continue to work together to make progress. There will be challenges and frustration. You may not be able to attend Mass at your parish the first few weeks it resumes. However, we believe these guidelines are a call to love our neighbors.

If we all work together, we can incrementally expand our options and increase our participation in the liturgy. However, if we look for ways to get around the regulations, we will likely contribute to the sickness and death of others, creating situations that force us to take steps back. Each of us is called to be faithful members of the Body of Christ as we implement the reopening of our churches. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do in our parish communities.

“Be strong and take heart, all who hope in the LORD.” Psalm 31:25

Anuncio - 5/11/2020

Por dolorosa que fue la decisión de suspender todas las Misas públicas en la Arquidiócesis de Newark, durante la pandemia de Covid 19, el proceso fue necesario para el bien común.

A medida que vemos que las estadisticas cambian y los numeros se disminuyen, estamos comenzando a sentir que la situación esta mejorando. Sin embargo, pensadno en el bien común, no queremos contribuir a una segunda ola que pueda interrumpir nuestra vida litúrgica.

A medida que se alivian las restricciones de salud y podamos comenzar a reunirnos nuevamente, es importante que todos acepten que las cosas no volverán a la normalidad despues del corona-virus

Los expertos en salud y los líderes cívicos están actualmente determinando nuevas pautas y restricciones para las próximas semanas y meses, al mismo tiempo, la Arquidiócesis de Newark está planeando cómo se celebrará el culto público con respecto a las nuevas regulaciones.

Sabemos que el deseo de regresar a sus parroquias, de participar en la liturgia y recibir la Eucaristía es increíblemente fuerte, pero les pedimos a todos que tomen esta reapertura con una mentalidad paciente, amorosa y caritativa.

Los detalles específicos de cuándo se reanudará la Misa pública y cómo se celebrará todavía se están determinando, pero el regreso se realizará a través de un proceso gradual de tres fases. Cada fase se implementará con fechas y directivas específicas a seguir determinadas por los líderes arquidiocesanos.

FASE 1. Las iglesias se abrirán solo para la oración personal. Pueden venir individuos y familias a la iglesia para orar en silencio, y el Sacramento de la Reconciliación puede celebrarse si hay distanciamiento social, y el uso de mascaras protectoras.
FASE 2Después de la Fase 1, se permitirá en las iglesias celebrar misas públicas entre semana y funerales con restricciones muy específicas, como la estricta práctica social de distanciamiento, el uso de mascaras protectoras y un número limitado de personas presentes.

FASE 3Después de las Fases 1 y 2, las iglesias podrán celebrar la misa dominical públicamente con la práctica obligatoria de distanciamiento social, uso de máscaras y un número limitado de personas presentes Todos los demás sacramentos se reanudarán de acuerdo con las directivas dadas para la Fase 3.

Cinco cosas a tener en cuenta durante el proceso de Reapertura de las Iglesias

  1. Una dispensa general de la obligación del domingo permanecerá hasta nuevo aviso.La dispensa por la obligación de asistir a misa permanecerá vigente. Nadie tendrá que asistir a misa cuando se reanuden las celebraciones públicas. Por lo tanto, continuarán las misas en transmitidas  por redes sociales en vivo para los feligreses en casa. 
  2. La asistencia será limitada.Sabemos que las restricciones se mantendrán en la celebración de grandes reuniones, por lo que estamos trabajando con las parroquias para determinar la mejor manera de garantizar la seguridad de nuestros feligresces. Cada parroquia determinará y comunicará a sus feligreses cóomo y cuántas personas podrán asistir a una misa. Es probable que al principio no todos los feligreses puedan asistir a misa regularmente.
  3. Se practicará el distanciamiento social.Su parroquia tendrá bancos y sillas marcadas y reservadas. A las familias e individuos, se les pedirá que mantengan seis pies de separación entre sí. Nadie será admitido sin una máscara. Los feligreses deberán tomar su temperatura antes de venir a misa. Cualquier persona con síntomas de enfermedad deberá quedarse en casa.
  4. Se realizarán cambios litúrgicos.Similar a los protocolos establecidos cuando las iglesias estaban cerrando, se tomarán precauciones adicionales. Se harán ajustes temporales a la forma en que celebramos la misa y recibimos la comunión.
  5. Todavía habrá un riesgo para cualquiera que asista a una misa públicaIncluso con las mejores prácticas de salud y un estricto distanciamiento social, cualquiera que ingrese a un espacio público debe reconocer que existe el riesgo de contraer el coronavirus. Se hará una limpieza mejorada en nuestras iglesias, pero nadie debe esperar que estarán más seguros contra los gérmenes que en otros espacios públicos.

Finalmente, debemos reconocer que este es un momento único y que debemos continuar trabajando juntos para progresar. Habrá desafíos y frustración. Es posible que no pueda asistir a misa en su parroquia las primeras semanas en que se reanuden. Sin embargo, creemos que estas pautas son un llamado a amar a nuestros hermanos.
Si todos trabajamos juntos, podemos ampliar gradualmente nuestras opciones y aumentar nuestra participación en la liturgia. Sin embargo, si buscamos formas de eludir las regulaciones, probablemente contribuiremos a la enfermedad y muerte de otros, creando situaciones que nos obliguen a retroceder. Cada uno de nosotros está llamado a ser miembros fieles del Cuerpo de Cristo mientras implementamos la reapertura de nuestras iglesias. Gracias por todo lo que han hecho y continuarán haciendo en nuestras comunidades parroquiales.

¡Manténganse firmes, sigan con ánimo cuantos en el Señor tienen esperanza! Salmo 31,25


 Weekday and weekend Mass times may change on Holy Days of Obligation, Christmas, Easter and Summer months. Check the current bulletin. 

7:30am, 5:30pm  

7:30am, 9:00am,10:30am, 12:00 Noon, 7:00pm-Spanish Mass

7:30am (Not during the summer), 12:10pm (Mon - Fri)

Holy Days
7:30am,12:10pm, 7:00pm

Penance/Reconciliation 1:00 to 2:00pm - Saturdays or Anytime by appointment.  

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